The Aholster Grunt

Introducing the Aholster Grunt, for the minimalist or entry-level shooter. To put it simply, it is an inexpensive option that just works with no bells and whistles. It is made with .060” thick Kydex. This pocket, bag, or purse holster does everything that it needs to do. The trigger is completely covered. With the semi-autos, the mag release is covered/protected (no more accidental unseated mags.) It can be worn in the front or rear pockets being that it is ambidextrous. When drawing the weapon from the holster, pull in a backward position in the pocket and the straight hook will grab the seam of your pocket or bag remaining hidden as the weapon clears. If you are looking for a more refined style of Kydex pocket holster, check out our standard Aholster pocket or the Aholster backbone for the revolver fans.

The Aholster Grunt
The Aholster Grunt Side View
The Aholster Grunt Top View

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