The Pocket Aholster

Is that an Aholster in your pocket or are you happy to see me?  Why carry in the pocket? Because you probably have one or two. We all know that the best gun for a gun fight is the one that you have with you. For those of us that are more practical than tactical, this is a very good alternative to the typical standard bulky holsters out there. This is our flagship holster that put us on the map more than 20 years ago. Used by everyday gun toters and professionals. One of 2 pocket carry options authorized by the LAPD for their officers.  Smooth, Simple and it just works. Specific options and description on the “order yours now” page.                          

                Your family’s future in your pocket… 


The outer side of the holster is rounded outward to keep the profile of the weapon to a minimum. Drop your holstered firearm into your pocket and it practically disappears. Unlike many of the other holsters on the market, you can get a complete firing grip on the weapon with it still in the holster (without altering the holster.

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