Women Firearm Owners!

Did You Know The Aholster Belt Holster
was Originally Designed With You In Mind? 


The Aholster™ Belt Holster

Let’s face it, Ladies, many of the holsters out there are designed for men by men. The cold hard facts though; we were not created with the same body types (thank GOD).

The Aholster Belt Holster is different than any other Belt Holster on the market as it was originally designed to be worn by women. Notice the tabs on the belt attachment are bent inward which allow the weapon to be worn very close to the body and the sweat guard keeps the weapon from rubbing against your side. Two rubber straps distribute the weight of your weapon evenly on your belt (no more rocking and tilting). This feature combats “Holster Drift” keeping your weapon from sliding around in your holster. With the weapon holstered, the grip is tilted more toward your back to assist with comfort and concealability. The grip height in the holster is intentionally made just high enough to clear your belt by keeping the weapon lower on your body which makes your draw smoother and faster while ensuring that you can get a complete firing grip on the weapon every time.

Women save 10% On The Aholster Custom Kydex Belt Holster and get a 60-day 125% Money Back Guarantee!


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