The Aholster SPeed Strips.

“Get back in the fight.”

Aholster 3d printed speed strips are a compact loading device for revolvers. Printed from a TPU-95a filament (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) right at our facility. The mechanical and chemical properties (BPA free) that make TPU so interesting are its elasticity, flexibility, durability, and chemical stability. NO more sagging strips in the heat or stiffness in the cold. The new Aholster Speed Strip Loader is compact and easy to hide. Works well with any grip size to load two cartridges at a time and get back in the fight. 5, 6, and 8 shots available. Give these a try and find out the difference firsthand. Available in .38spc/.357mag.  

TPU Material Specs:
Elongation: up to 450%
Tensile Strength: 150 MPa (Megapascals)
Shore Hardness: 98A

Aholster Speed Strip Loader

Limited Time Offer: Receive Three Aholster Speed Strip Loaders for the Regular Price of Two!

Aholster Speed Strip Loader
Aholster Speed Strip Loader
Aholster Speed Strip Loader

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