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Please take a few moments and look over our custom Kydex Aholster product line. If you study our Aholster designs, you will notice a combination of options similar to other holsters on the market, but improved.

The Aholster Product Line

The Belt Aholster

If you like the conceal-ability of an inside the waistband (IWB) with the comfort of an outside traditional holster, you will LOVE the Belt Aholster.

Pocket Aholster

The Pocket Aholster is one of our top sellers and is considered by some to be one of the best Kydex holsters on the market today. It is used by civilians and Law Enforcement alike.

Aholster Grunt

The Aholster Grunt

Introducing the Aholster Grunt, for the minimalist or entry-level shooter. To put it simply, it is an inexpensive option that just works with no bells and whistles.

The IWB Aholster

These holsters are designed to wear just behind the hip with a practical belt. The Aholster IWB is available in a Tuckable IWB option. Adjustable retention and sweat guard.

Pocket Backbone

The Aholster Company Backbone pocket holster is very similar to our standard Pocket Aholster. All the same great features with the added benefit of the slimmer profile, being that the cylinder of the revolver is cut out. 

Aholster Bactrian

The Aholster Bactrian is the perfect option to conceal 2-speed loaders in your pocket. When seconds count, the Bactrian keeps the loaders in the perfect draw position every time.

The Mag Pouch

NO hardware will come into contact with your Mags again. The Aholster Mag pouch keeps the mag close to the body to help reduce printing. Several different mag options available (see order page).

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