The Aholster Bactrian

(2-humped Camel)

The Aholster Bactrian is the perfect option to conceal 2-speed loaders in your pocket. When seconds count, the Bactrian keeps the loaders in the perfect draw position every time. Just enough retention to keep them in the holster. Sides are recessed to allow index and thumb to grab the sides of the speed loader, no more accidental release of the cartridges in your pocket when twisting the knob. Black .060” Kydex, Curved to help reduce printing. Right or Left carry. Available for J and K Frame speed loaders. Will work with most speed loaders (Safariland, HKS, Speedbeez, Jet, etc).

Want to be able to carry extra ammo safe and secure for your Roscoe? If speed strips are not your thing, look no further.

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