Mass Media Gravitates Toward Gun Violence

The mass media gravitates toward gun violence (no kidding,) while gun use in self-defense is almost completely ignored. The spread is telling…


We all know that this is a very sore subject with us gun advocates.

However, with all the “peaceful” things happening here in this country, the media may have to change their tune to remain relevant. According to, as of Aug. 10, 2021, America’s five largest newspapers — the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal — have published a combined total of 10 news stories reporting a civilian using a gun to successfully stop a crime, according to a search of the Nexis database of news stories. By contrast, those same newspapers had a total of 1,743 news stories containing the keywords “murder” or “murdered” or “murders” and “gunfire,” “shot,” or “shots.” Including articles with the word “wounded,” the total rises to 2,764.

Using a Revolver for Home Defense

We all see the bias…

…and probably know someone personally that has had to at least draw their weapons from their holster to deescalate a situation. With this country continuing down the slippery slope of its current trajectory, our guns are not going to be taken anytime soon, if ever…

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Mass Media Gun and Self Defense Lies


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