Hedging The “Revolutionary Gap”

I’m in a situation that has raised the red flag of caution.

I believe that pocket carry would give you a better chance to prevail. Whether it be pants pocket or jacket pocket carry. It is extremely hard to beat some one’s actions unless you have already pre-staged your response.

Aholster Kydex Holsters

Nothing beats a hammer-less or shrouded revolver that can be presented rapidly or discharged from concealment, IE pocket.

Cloaking or pre-staging a tool of defense has saved many lives over the years. It is time that we remain ever vigilant of our surroundings and cheat to prevail as there are no rules of conduct in survival combative’ s.

Aholster Company manufactures handmade custom Kydex holsters and have been doing it right for over FIFTEEN years. Our evolving and unique product line has been influenced by our valued customers over time including qualified instructors, combat veterans, and law enforcement personnel.

Aholster Kydex Holsters


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